Product Data Management

Working with the information required to market and sell products through online shopping platforms is termed as Product Data Management. The term product Data management (PDM) is used as a synonym of product content management (PCM) and product information management (PIM) it can be termed as digital asset management (DAM) too.

Consumers today rely on e-commerce sites to search for products, access product information, and make purchases. The challenge eCommerce business face is the need to create and maintain large product lists with all the vital info and support rapid growth and avoiding complexities. Enriching the product information with the right information and details, like images, manuals, how-to-videos, and alternative products always help in increasing online sales. It is imperative to maintain the correct product info and keep it updated for a positive online experience for your customer.

Benefits of Outsourcing Product Data Management Services:

  • Reduce your administrative and human resource costs by using an outsourcing partner for managing all product data.
  • Shorten your time to market when launching new products & channels.
  • Increase your conversion rate with high quality product content.
  • Enables you to deliver consistent product information across multiple channels.
  • Product data quality is ensured by using strict rules to govern how data is organized and managed.
  • Conversion rates and revenues are increased by complete, accurate and rich product data.
  • Ensure high quality & enrich product information that will improve online customer satisfaction and sales.
  • Optimize the update of the online catalog with product updates and new product introductions.
  • Ensure high quality product information that will improve online customer satisfaction and sales.

Why use our services?

  • Our team of experts use advanced Data Extraction Tools and latest Web Scraping Technologies to extract important data from different sources.
  • Our team of experts can procure product data from various online and offline source manually as well.
  • Our team refines the extracted raw data into well-structured format. We work with data held in most spreadsheet, database and list formats, and once we've processed your data according to your requirements we can supply it back to you in practically any format.
  • Our experts ensure the correct & fast techniques of uploading well-structured data on the website, regularly. We can even manage the import of the data into your back office system or e-commerce system.

At Professional-ITS, we understand online retail , we understand criticality of having up-to-date catalogs, apt category management, adding unique identifiers, compelling product descriptions and images, market research and competitor analysis. Our hardworking team of expertsis committed to client satisfaction and our product data management services can help you gain customers and stay ahead of your competitors. Get in touch with us and we will be delighted to handle your request and advise you!

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