eBay Product Data Entry Services

Among online Marketplaces, eBay is one of the most widely used and reputed online auction and shopping portal. On eBay sellers can set up an online store and can list their products. Product listing on eBay is done through traditional approach of uploading spreadsheet template or by using tools and software such as Turbo Lister, Auctiva, vendio and Blackthorne.

Selling on eBay is not just about listing of products; the seller has to manage a lot of data items such as managing product categories, sub categories, product information, descriptions, and Pricing etc. to make sure their product stand out in the competition. These day to day tasks and maintaining the product data on your eBay store can be too taxing if you are maintaining the store on your own, a wiser decision would be outsourcing these tasks to specialists and free yourself to focus on core activities of your business.

Some of the activities covered under Product Data Entry services are:

  • Product Title and Description creation.
  • Adding item Specifications.
  • Product image Editing, Resizing and Uploading.
  • Inserting Unique Identifiers (e.g. UPCs, EANs, ISBNs, MPNs).
  • Competitor price monitoring.
  • Order processing.
  • Order tracing.
  • Data Entry into Spreadsheet Templates.

At Professional ITS, our team of eBay product data entry professionals is skilled at updating product descriptions and categories, stock information, etc. Our team makes sure that each category and subcategory is matched and the customer has the best searching experience for the products. Our eBay product data entry experts enter item details precisely into product upload spreadsheet template and back-end system of your eBay inventory.

Benefits of outsourcing Product Data Entry Services:

Outsourcing product data entry services helps online retailers decrease their time to market, i.e. it helps them put their products online for sale faster. Outsourcing also enable retailers to enjoy the accelerate turnaround time on their day to day store management tasks and reduced costs. Outsource product data entry helps in reduced expenses on manpower and enable usage of specialized expertise which helps in saving time and efforts.

Why use our Services?

Experienced and trained Data Entry Professionals – Our Product Data Entry team is highly experienced and trained to perform any kind of data entry tasks with an accuracy level of over 98% and ensure that your project is error-free.

Lesser turnaround time – As per our standard SLA, we usually deliver your project within 24 hours, however, the turnaround time, can change depending on the complexity and need of project.

Cost-effective services – We provide tailor-made cost effective quote to our clients for their projects. Our pricing is designed to suit our client’s budget. Client can choose from per hour or per project basis pricing options. We also provide full-time equivalent (FTE) option as per client’s need.

Robust infrastructure – Our delivery center is equipped with the latest technology computers and other required equipment with high bandwidth internet line. Our robust infrastructure enables us to deliver best and in-time services to our clients.

Feel free to Contact us today at info@professionalits.com for your Product Data Entry needs and we will get back with a suitable quote.


You can trust them with your customers! With their great customer service skills, Professional ITS efficiently take care of our customer emails and have helped us improve our customer satisfaction scores on Amazon and eBay.
-- Mazhar Khan
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